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Edge Computing Implemented in Minutes!

Ei-A110 speeds up edge-to-cloud connection

  • Simplified interoperability among new and old devices
  • Seamless data connection from deivces to cloud
  • Realtime data analytics for immediate action taking
  • Advanced data security protection
Edge-to-Cloud integrated architecture

Edge-to-cloud integrated architecture shortens 50% of development time

Edge-to-cloud integrated architecture shortens development time so users no longer need to delve into different data formats, write new code, and connect with cloud services. Through software and hardware integration and a microservices architecture, the average development time can now be shortened by up to 50%, which greatly improves the efficiency and flexibility of importing system applications.

Plug-and-Play system design ensures optimal deployment

WISE-DeviceOn and numerous edge computing industrial apps are built in to provide functions such as data collection, device management, real-time data calculation and analysis—in a user-friendly visual interface. Using simple intuitive settings, you can immediately connect to the network and start your application services.  You can also subscribe to more edge computing industrial apps through the new WISE-Marketplace, which provides many additional software application services and industrial apps.

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IoT Device Management Platform

IoT Device Management Platform

Realtime data processing with an easy-to-use interface

Built in with WISE-DeviceOn IoT Device Management Platform, Ei-A110 makes it easy to onboard, visualize, operate, and manage your industrial IoT device.

Remotely manage multiple equipments

Monitoring device health, real-time actions to power on/off, troubleshoot problems, and send software and firmware updates over-the-air (OTA) on-site.

Advanced security, back-up and recovery powered by McAfee and Acronis

Providing white list protection against unauthorized application execution and Acronis' hot backup, scheduled backup, and one-click recovery.

What's in the box
Part Number Item Quantity
- Ei-A110 Edge Intelligence System 1
- User Manual 1
1960015198T011 DIN-rail 1
1652004519 3-pin terminal block 1
96PSA-A60W24T2 24V/2.5A 60W adaptor 1