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In-Vehicle Computing Box
The TREK-550 is an Intel® Atom Industrial In-Vehicle Computing Box built with GPS, Bluetooth, and 802.11 a/b/g WLAN and Quad-band capabilities. Rugged and form fitting for all survelliance needs.
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The TREK-668 is powered by Intel®Atom built with Rich I/O and communication modules, such as GORS/HSDPA/CDMA, WLAN & Bluetooth. Provides high quality surveillance and fleet management for any rugged environment.
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The ARK-1388 is powered by Intel® Core 2 Duo ULV U7500 at 1.06 GHz. Works with both 12 and 24-volt systems and supports up to 50 channel GPS reciever. This heavy duty wirless IPC is ISO-7637 certified with IP40 rating.
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Powered by Intel® Atom D510 Processor at 1.67 GHz. Rugged and vibration-resistant, this In-Vehicle DVR surveillance embedded computer will perform in any extreme conditions.
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All-in-One Vehicle Terminals
Avaliable in 7" WVGA LCD(800 X 480 resolution) with resistive touchscree Built in Intel® Atom 1.1 GHz Processor. Runs on Windows Embedded Standard (WES) with optional GPS, Bluetooth, WWAN and WLAN capability.
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Avaliable in 5" LCD (800 X 480 resolution) with resistive touchscreen. Built in TI ARM Cortex-A8 AM3703 800 MHz. Includes 256 MB Mobile LPDDR with optional GPS, Blue tooth, WWAN and WLAN capability.
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Features a 7" LCD (800 X 480 resolution) with resistive Touchscreen Powered by TI ARM Cortex-A8 AM3703 800 MHz. On board 256 MB Mobile LPDDR. May include optional GPS, Bluetooth, WWAN and WLAN capability for high performance.
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Rugged Mobile Tablets
The PWS-770 is a semi-rugged mobile tablet PC featuring 10.4" XGA resolutions. Compact and light at 1.2 kg with 8 operation hours, abundant accessories, and rich I/O. Reliable wireless communication connects you in all terrain. Resistant to shock, vibration, and extreme temperature.
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Rugged Vehicle Mount Terminals
Vehicle Mount Terminal with Marvell PXA 320 Processor features a 7" or 10.4" resistive touchscreen. This mobile tablet is a fully rugged unit with IP67 certification. Can withstand extreme temperature, shock, and vibration.
The MTC 6 Rugged Vehicle Mount Terminal is powered by Intel® Atom Z510 at 1.1 GHz AMD G-T40R. Features a 10.4" SVGA or 12/1" XGA LED resistive touch screen and a coated aluminum fanless design. Proven durability and reliability in all demanding environments.