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EPIC/EBX/5.25" BoardsHas Deleted

Advantech’s EBX, 5.25” Embedded, and EPIC single board computers provide complete I/O, low power in industrial-grade designs that are tested for extended temperature operation.

EBX (Embedded Board eXpandable) is a 5.25" (203 x 146 mm) compact board form factor that is designed to provide the processor power and memory compatible with many full-sized SBC formats. In addition to its small footprint, this form factor can add support for PC/104 daughter boards.

The 5.25” Embedded SBC is a proprietary embedded board form factor developed by Advantech offering a variety of cost effective designs and a selection of socket support for Pentium processors. This compact form factor is optimized for embedded systems and offers broad functionality such as multiple communication ports. Advantech 5.25” boards measure 203mm x 146mm (8” x 5.75”).

EPIC (Embedded Platform for Industrial Computing) is a single board computer form factor which, like EBX, can provide support for PC/104 or PC/104+ slot expansion but also comes in a smaller 4.5” size. The standard provides specific I/O zones to implement functions such as Ethernet, serial ports, digital and analog I/O, video, and other application-specific interfaces. EPIC boards measure 115mm x 165mm (4.5” x 6.5”).

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